DirAx Installation

Obtaining DirAx

The program is distributed as binary in the form of a compressed tar file for various unix platforms.
Platform Version download
Linux 32bit 1.17 dirax1.17-Linux-i686.tar.Z
Linux 32bit 1.17 (static) dirax1.17-Linux-i686-static.tar.Z
Linux 64bit 1.17 dirax1.17-Linux-x86_64.tar.Z
Linux 64bit 1.17 (static) dirax1.17-Linux-x86_64-static.tar.Z
Darwin 64bit 1.16 dirax1.16-Darwin-x86_64.tar.gz

Installing DirAx

  1. Copy the tar file into an empty directory, for example /usr/local/src/dirax/dirax1.17-Linux-i686.tar.Z
  2. cd /usr/local/src/dirax/
  3. Uncompress with uncompress dirax1.17-Linux-i686.tar.Z
  4. Untar the file with the command tar -xvf dirax1.17-Linux-i686.tar
    (If you have GNU tar, you could skip the uncompress step and use gtar -xvfZ dirax1.17-Linux-i686.tar.Z)
  5. Create with your editor a file /usr/local/bin/dirax (or somewhere else in your searchpath). This file should contain two lines:
     exec /usr/local/src/dirax/dirax "$@"
  6. Make this file executable: chmod ugo+x /usr/local/bin/dirax
  7. The help command will activate a webbrowser (iceweasel, firefox, mozilla, netscape). You may define another browser by adding a BROWSER alias in the file /usr/local/src/dirax/dirax.init (for example \alias browser mybrowser) or define an environment variable BROWSER.
  8. You should now be able to use dirax.
  9. You may run the command dirax < ex_solutions.inp > ex.out. and compare the results with the file ex_solutions.out in the distribution.

Version History

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