Commands by group

crystal parameters
block set crystal shape and dimensions
orient set crystal orientation
sphere set crystal shape and dimension
goniostat position
pos change dist, swing, omega, kappa and phi
dist change detector distance
swing change swing
omega change omega
kappa change kappa
phi change phi
store save goniostat position
scan define scan
go start animation
goto load scan parameters
load load scan parameters
movespeed set goto speed
movie animation of all scans
speed set go speed
impact define impact
clearimpact clear impact array
reimpact allow reflections to impact
listimpact list all impacts
randomimpact create random impacts
noimpact remove all impacts
capillary capillary correction
collimator set collimator size
correct set correction level
exit exit program
gridsize set volume grid
status print variables and values
step plot step progression
volume diffracting volume correction
colour set colour
dotsize set impact dotsize
include include object
omit omit object
plot display objects and impacts
ps create hardcopy
scale set overall scale factor
scalextal set crystal scale factor
size set window size
view set viewpoint
viewx set view 1 0 0
viewy set view 0 1 0
viewz set view 0 0 1
windowinfo graphcis status
windowlog set graphics log level
wx set window position
wy set window position

Alphabetical list of commands


Syntax: block xa xb xc.
Default: block 0.2 0.2 0.2.
Sets the size of the crystal in millimeters. The orientation of the crystal can be specief with orient. If volume is on the size of the crystal and the diameter of the collimator are used in the calculation of the diffracting volume.
Use sphere to set a spherical crystal.


Syntax: capillary state
Default: capillary off.
Plots the angle between capillary and primary beam as a function of crystal rotation. capillary on implies step off and volume off.


Syntax: clearimpact.
Only applicable if impact data are defined. Clearimpact clears the array with impacts on the detector. After a new go command a list of actual impacts on the detector is created. With each succeeding go or plot command, these reflections will be displayed. Use clearimpact to remove this list of actual impacts. Note the list of impacts (defined with impact) is not removed (you have to use noimpact to clear that list).
See also reimpact.


Syntax: collimator f.
Default: collimator.
Sets the diameter of the collimator (in millimeters). The collimator is one of the objects on the display. If volume is on the size of the crystal and the diameter of the collimator are used in the calculation of the diffracting volume.


Syntax: colour object colour1 colour2.
Sets colours. colour1 is used for visible lines, colour2 is used for 'hidden' lines. The default colours are:
collimator white grey70
detector grey70 grey40
head yellow yellow4
head2 red red4
kappa1 aquamarine aquamarine4
kappa2 aquamarine aquamarine4
omega1 green2 green4
omega2 green2 green4
xtal orange brown
background grey30  
foreground white  
impact red  
See also include and omit.


Syntax: correct none/normal/full/debug
Default: correct normal
Allows command and option corrections. Commands and options are only corrected if input originates from the keyboard, and output is sent to the screen.


Syntax: default
Default: dist 40.


Syntax: dist d.
Default: dist 40.
Set the detector distance to d millimeter.


Syntax: dotsize small large.
Default: dotsize 3 11.
Sets the dotsize for impacts on the detector. large is used when an impact is generated and small from that moment on. Use colour impact to set the colour of the impacts.


Syntax: exit.
Terminates the program.


Syntax: fire state.
Default: fire off.
If on, the impact of the shadow vector will be plotted during a go


Syntax: fireone.
Draw the impact of the shadow vector will be plotted.


Syntax: fixstep n.
Default: fixstep 0.
Sets the number of steps for a go run. The commands movespeed and speed will set fixstep to zero.


Syntax: gif state.
Default: gif off.
If on gif frames will be created.


Syntax: go
Start animation for the selected scan (goto or load). The animation speed is set by speed (or fixstep).


Change one or more attributes of the goniostat. See the goniostat page for more information.


Prints the parameters of the goniostat. See the goniostat page for more information.


Sets the goniostat type. See the goniostat page for more information.


Syntax: goto next/prev/current/n.
Load scan parameters, and show an animation of the change. The animation speed is set by movespeed (or fixstep).
You may also use load the change to another scan.


Syntax: gridsize f.
Default: gridsize 0.01.
Sets the gridsize of the volume calculation.


Syntax: impact dist swing hor ver rot.
Define an impact. See also noimpact, clearimpact, reimpact and listimpact.


Syntax: include all/collimator/detector/head/kappa/omega/xtal.
Include graphics objects. The defaults are
collimator on
detector on
head on
kappa1 on
kappa2 on
omega1 on
omega2 on
xtal on
See also colour and omit.


Syntax: jpg state.
Default: jpg off.
If on jpg frames will be created.


Syntax: kappa f.
Default: kappa 0.0.
Sets the kappa angle. Use pos to set all goniostat angles.


Syntax: kappasupport f.
Default: kappasupport 50.0.
Obsolete command to set the kappa support angle for the kappa goniostat. You should use: goniostatchange kappasupport f nop instead.


Syntax: listimpact.
Print all impacts. related commands: impact and noimpact.


Syntax: load next/prev/current/n.
Default: load next.
Loads a scan. You may also use goto the change to another scan.


Syntax: loadpos next/last/prev/n.
Default: loadpos prev.
Loads a goniostat position.


Syntax: movespeed f.
Default: movespeed 90.
Sets the animation speed (degrees per second) for the goto command.
See also speed and fixstep.


Syntax: movie.
An animation of all scans:
goto 1 \wait 1 go \wait 1
goto 2 \wait 1 go \wait 1


Syntax: noimpact.
Removes all impacts.
Use impact to add impacts.


Syntax: omega f.
Default: omega 0.0.
Sets the omega angle. Use pos to set all goniostat angles.


Syntax: omit all/collimator/detector/head/head2/kappa1/kappa2/omega1/omega2/xtal.
Omit graphics objects.
See also colour and include.


Syntax: orient zr yr xr.
Default: orient 0 0 0.
Sets the orientation of the block shaped crystal. zr is the angle around Z to bring xa in the XZ-plane. yr is the angle around Y to align xa with the +X. xr is the angle around X to bring xc along +Z.


Syntax: output value
Default:output normal
Controls more or less output.


Syntax: phi f.
Default: phi 0.0.
Sets the phi angle. Use pos to set all goniostat angles.


Syntax: plot.
Display objects and impacts. Use goto to move to another scan, and go to show a animation.


Syntax: pos dist swing omega kappa phi.
Default: gonio 40 0 0 0 0.
Sets a goniostat position. Use store to save it. You may also use the commands dist, swing, omega, kappa or phi to change one of the position angles. Use scan to define a scan between two goniostat positions.


Syntax: ps yes/no filename.
Default: ps yes scanplot.
Creates a hardcopy of the graphics window. If the first parameter is on, the picture will be rotated if the window width exceeds the window height. The filetype of filename determines the file format (default .ps)


Syntax: randomimpact radius anglemin anglemax nr.
Default: randomimpact 60 171 189 40.
Creates random impacts. Any existing impact records are lost. nr impacts are created with a maximum radius (in millimeter from the centre of the detector) and an impactangle between anglemin and anglemax .


Syntax: reimpact.
Only applicable if impact data are defined. During scan a list of actual impacts on the detector is build. With each succeeding scan or plot command, these reflections will be displayed. Use reimpact to force the impact calculation for the current scan.
This is a usefull command if you change scans. The list of actual impacts on the detector of the first scan will still be displayed, and the actual impacts for the second scan will also be calculated.
See also clearimpact.


Syntax: rmat filename.
Load an orientation matrix. The a,b and c axes will drawn, together with xtal.


Syntax: save filename.
Save all information in filename.


Syntax: scale sf.
Default: scale 1.0.
Sets an overall image scale factor.
The default window is created with dimension -f to f (where f=dist+250) (Note the back side of the detector is at dist+195 millimeter from the crystal).
The default value of sf will plot a visible detector in all projections.


Syntax: scalecollim sf.
Default: scalecollim 50.0.
Use a different scale factor for plotting the collimator.


Syntax: scalextal sf.
Default: scalextal 50.
Use a different scale factor for plotting the crystal.


Syntax: scan next/prev/free/current/n pos1 pos2.
Defines a scan pos1 and pos2 are two goniostat positions. (created with pos and store) You may use the keywords prev (for the one-but-last goniostat position) and last (for the latest goniostat position).
Related commands: load, go and goto.


Syntax: scan current/n string
Sets the name of a scan.


Syntax: shadow x y z
Sets the shadow vector. The virtual ray along this vector will be plotted with the fireone command or during go if fire=on.


Syntax: size n.
Default: size 600.
Sets the window size to n pixels.


Syntax: speed f.
Default: speed 30.
Sets the animation speed (degrees per second) of the go command. See also movespeed


Syntax: sphere r.
Defines a spherical crystal with radius r millimeter. Use block to define a non-spherical crystal.


Syntax: status.
Displays various parameters and their values.


Syntax: step state.
Default: step off.
If on, the stepsize will be plotted in the second window during a go run. step on implies capillar off and volume off.


Syntax: store n/next/prev.
Save current goniostat position.


Syntax: swing s.
Default: swing 0.0.
Sets the swing angle. Use pos to set all goniostat angles.


Syntax: swingaxis x y z.
Default: swingaxis 0 0 1.
Obsolete command to define the swing axis with components in the laboratory system. You should use: goniostatchange swingaxis x y z nop instead.


Syntax: view x y z.
Default: view 0 0 1.
Sets the components of the view-vector in the laboratory system.


Syntax: viewx.
Sets view 1 0 0.


Syntax: viewy.
Sets view 0 1 0.


Syntax: viewz.
Sets view 0 0 1.


Syntax: volume state.
Default: volume off.
If on plot the actual diffracting volume of the crystal as a function of crystal rotation. volume on implies capillary off and step off.
Related commands: block+orient, collimator and gridsize.


Syntax: windowinfo.
Prints a lot of output with respect to the graphics environment.


Syntax: windowlog n.
Default: windowlog 4.
Sets the window log level.
0 Emergency
1 Alert
2 Critical
3 Error
4 Warning
5 Notice
6 Information
7 Debug


Syntax: wx n.
Default: wx 300.
Sets the horizontal position of the window on the screen (in pixels) (See wy and size).


Syntax: wy n.
Default: wy 300.
Sets the vertical position of the window on the screen (in pixels) (See wx and size).


Laboratory System

We use the carthesian system:


Example 1

impact 40 0 -30 5   175
impact 40 0 -25 10  178
impact 40 0 -15 20  182
impact 40 0 -10 30  185
pos 40   0 180 0 -10 store 1
pos 40   0 180 0  10 store 2
scan 1 1 2
pos 40  10 180 0 -10 store 3
pos 40 -10 180 0  10 store 4
scan 2 3 4
Scan 1 is a simple phi scan (phi from -10 to +10). Scan 2 is the same phi scan, but now the detector is swinged from +10 to -10.
load 1
colour impact red
This will plot the impacts of the phi scan as red dots.
goto 2
colour impact blue
And this will plot the impacts of the phi/swing scan as blue dots.

Example 2

An example of a phi, phitheta and phichi scan:
block 0.2 0.2 0.2
orient 70 0 -60
scale 3 scalextal 20 speed 0.05 movespeed 1
omit collimator
pos 40   0.0 180.0    0.0  -10.0 store 1
pos 40   0.0 180.0    0.0   10.0 store next
scan 1 prev last
pos 40  10.0 180.0    0.0  -10.0 store next
pos 40 -10.0 180.0    0.0   10.0 store next
scan 2 prev last
pos 40   0.0 184.21 -13.066 -5.79 store next
pos 40   0.0 175.79  13.066  5.79 store next
scan 3 prev last
goniostatchange swingaxis 1 0 0 nop
load 1
\alias runphi      colour impact red  clearimpact goto 1 \wait 1 go
\alias runphitheta colour impact cyan    reimpact goto 2 \wait 1 go \wait 1 goto 1
\alias runphichi   colour impact yellow  reimpact goto 3 \wait 1 go \wait 1 goto 1
impact 40 0 -32.04   5.00  174.832
impact 40 0   4.57   5.81  175.253
impact 40 0   4.57   5.81  175.253
impact 40 0 -15.42 -13.95  175.687
impact 40 0   9.52 -23.91  176.019
impact 40 0  31.23 -26.04  176.265
impact 40 0  17.07  -6.37  176.931
impact 40 0 -19.59  -6.39  177.362
impact 40 0  16.78  28.37  177.539
impact 40 0  11.86  13.56  177.858
impact 40 0 -22.56  17.68  178.064
impact 40 0  29.53 -19.24  178.234
impact 40 0 -15.83  12.91  178.519
impact 40 0 -17.42 -19.33  178.754
impact 40 0 -34.66   0.08  179.053
impact 40 0  13.38  25.93  179.301
impact 40 0 -19.88 -25.85  179.417
impact 40 0 -26.30  -3.37  179.541
impact 40 0   8.21  -1.01  179.717
impact 40 0  32.39 -12.82  179.993
impact 40 0 -29.68  25.42 -179.496
impact 40 0 -30.06   6.09 -179.384
impact 40 0   9.22 -18.29 -178.734
impact 40 0 -21.68 -11.13 -178.517
impact 40 0 -19.00   7.56 -178.467
impact 40 0  28.49 -13.51 -178.455
impact 40 0  13.14   5.01 -178.335
impact 40 0  33.10  19.73 -178.061
impact 40 0 -32.01 -31.58 -177.370
impact 40 0 -33.76  18.63 -177.148
impact 40 0  10.19  23.84 -176.863
impact 40 0  22.18 -20.44 -176.431
impact 40 0   9.30  12.24 -176.129
impact 40 0  29.74   7.08 -175.865
impact 40 0  31.72  -7.54 -175.761
impact 40 0 -21.32  18.78 -175.528
impact 40 0  -9.17  -2.92 -175.430
impact 40 0 -32.85   1.30 -175.180
Note the definition of goniostatchange swingaxis. This will rotate swing around the primary beam, and impacts from runphitheta and runphichi should now coincide.