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The X-File


The program reads all the parameters like the cell constants, crystal orientation, crystal to detector distance, wavelength, starting oscillation angle and the oscillation range, etc., from a DENZO x-file. This file is obtained by indexing and refining a diffraction pattern, and typing, in DENZO, the command calculate go.

To check whether STRATEGY is using the same geometry settings as DENZO, a new x-file will be written that contains all the reflections that were calculated to diffract between the starting and ending spindle angle read from the original x-file. Since no mosaicity is taken into account, the actual number of spots observable in the diffraction pattern will be higher than the simulated one. However, the matching between the spots that were both observed and simulated should be good.

The new x-file will have the same name as the original one with the extension `` .str''. Look at the new x-file using XDISPLAYF, e.g. for a DIP2000 detector:

INST_DIP2000 proteinX8025.ipf proteinX025.x.str

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