eval15 is capable of handling 2 lattices. If two lattices almost coincide you can use a single lattice with an expanded description of the mosaicity. 2mosaic is a program that combines two lattice descriptions (rmatfiles). It creates a new rmat file, and a description of the mosaicities to be used by eval15.

How it works

Two rmatfiles are read. The rotational relation between the lattices is determined (given the tolerances for equal-axes and equal-angles). A new rmat is calculated (rotating the first rmat over half the angle). The mosaic description consists of two msoaic parts. The first one rotates to rmat1, the second one rotates to rmat2.


  1. You specify the first rmatfile
  2. The rmatrix (rmat1) is read
  3. You specify the second rmatfile
  4. The rmatrix (rmat2) is read
  5. You specify the axis-equal criterium
  6. You specify the angle-equal criterium
  7. The program determines the rotational relation between the two lattices.
  8. You are asked if an average rmatfile has to be created
  9. If yes, enter the rmatfilename
  10. You are asked if a mosaic description file has to be created
  11. If yes:


sample run
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