EVAL overview

An overview of the programs in the EVAL program suite.
Name Description Gui Creates Example
proteinsetup setup initialization scripts with protein defaults mproteinsetup evpy-config dirax.init peakref.init view.init protein
renameimages rename images to systematic names mrenameimages s01f0001 s01f0002.... protein
scancheck preliminary analysis   scanchecks01f.log protein
splitimages split scan into two scans   s01f0001 s01f0002... s02f0001 s02f0002..... protein
imagesum various image manipulations      
low3 create low image   s01flow.mccd protein
buildimagemerge create script to merge images   mergeimages.imc  
view Image display mview detalign.vic  
tunebeamstop set beamstop parameters tunebeamstop beamstop.vic  
Cell determination
view Examine resolution limits and nr of peaks mview   protein
buildsearch build peak search script mview → Start peaksearch isearch.vic protein
view @isearch do peak search i1.drx i1.pk protein
dirax find cell mdirax i1.rmat protein
peakref refine cell and detector parameters mpeakref i1r.rmat detalign.vic protein
rmatrix standardize cell   ic.rmat protein
peakref refine cell and detector parameters mpeakref first.rmat detalign.vic protein
cell print/modify rmatfile      
builddatcol create boxcreation scripts mview→Datcol datcols01f.vic datcolsetup.vic datcol.vic protein
view @datcol create boxfiles s01f001.shoe....  
Integration with EVAL14
eval14 create and check integration parameters meval14 xtal.evc protein
eval14all integrate all boxfiles with eval14   final.y(.gz) protein
any set reflection filters and create pk many final.pk protein
peakref refine cell and detector parameters mpeakref second.rmat detalign.vic protein
Integration with EVAL15
buildeval15 set integration parameters mbuildeval15 eval15.init spectrum.pic focus.pic detector.pic crystal,pic mosaicity.pic simulate.pic refine.pic protein
eval15 tune integration parameters meval15    
eval15all integrate all boxfiles with eval15   final.y(.gz)  
queuesetup setup batch integration using eval15   joba jobb jobc  
queuestart start batch integration using eval15   final.y(.gz)  
queuewait monitor batch integration using eval15      
queueclean cleanup after batch integration using eval15      
any statistics, create reflection files many shelx.sad, shelx.hkl  
anafcf various plots with fcf data      
loglog compare two reflection files      
sadabs scaling, error model msadabs sad.hkl, sad.abs, sad.eps  
twinabs scaling, error model mtwinabs twin.hkl twin.abs twin.eps  
from images to density map
img2r merge images into cnt file   recip.cnt recip.rmc recip.coot  
cnt2ccp4 convert cnt file to ccp4 map   recip.map  
rmat2db convert rmat file to pdb   ic-axes.pdb ic-hkl.pdb ic.scm  

Alphabetical overview
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