eval15 is a cpu intensive program. Different experiments or even different boxfiles can be processed independently. The following set of commands use the gridengine queue system to process a set of boxfiles.


Syntax: queuesetup -m experiment/first/rest/set/thread [-s/-ns] [-c/-nc]
Default: queuesetup -m set -s -c
  1. A list of experiments/boxfiles (joblist) is created. This list is sorted on boxfile size or experiment size (largest one first), unless the commandline argument -ns has been specified.
  2. A script joba is created. This script will be invoked by the gridengine system using an environment variable SGE_TASK_ID. This variable specifies the n'th line in joblist. An eval15all run will be executed for that specific line (experiment or boxfile or list of boxfiles).
  3. A script jobb is created. If -c has been specified, jobb will try to remove: jobb will create a file jobb.done once the yfiles are merged. The cleanup will be running after the creation of jobb.done.
  4. A script jobc can be created by queuestart. This script can be used to wait for termination of jobb. See the wait argument of queuestart.


syntax: queuestart [wait]
  1. submits the arrayjob joba to the gridengine queue eval.q. The number of lines in joblist is specified as argument to the qsub command to indicate the size of the arrayjob. The gridengine system will start joba for every entry in joblist.
  2. submits job jobb to the gridengine queue eval.q. This job will only start running if all the processes of joba have finished.
  3. queuestart ends here, unless the the optional argument wait has been given. In that case, a third job jobc is submitted to the queuesystem. This job will simply wait for completion of jobb and the terminal window will synchronize on jobc. A (premature) control-c in the terminal window will abort jobc and will not affect joba or jobb.
  4. The jobs will be submitted to the queue eval.q. The environment variable queuename may be used to select a different queue. For example:
    export queuename=main.q

    queuename=main.q queuestart


Use this command to monitor the progress of the batch process, started with queuestart. As long as jobb.done is not created, this command repeatedly invokes
qstat -q $queuename -s r | tail -n +3 | sort -k 6; qstat -s p

queuename defaults to eval.q


syntax: queuestart [-a]
When the batch process has finished, a lot of files are created.
If all processes terminated normally, joba.eJJJJ.K and jobb.eLLLL will be empty files, otherwise they will contain the error message describing the failure of the job.
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