img2r is a program which reads a set of images, converts all pixels to points in reciprocal space, sums all the intensitites and creates a so-called cnt file.
This file can be displayed with the contour command in view.
The file can also be converted by cnt2ccp4 into a CCP4 density map which in its turn can be displayed with coot.

How it works

  1. img2r reads the images. Every pixel is assumed to be the impact of an outray of the diffaction experiment. Using the settings of the goniostat and the position and orientation of the detector, every outray can be transformed to a reciprocal lattice vector. This vector lives in the laboratory system ( x pointing to xray source, z pointing up (zenith) and y completing the righthanded coordinate system).
  2. The intensities of pixels from the images are added to (virtual) pixels in the reciprocal lattice
  3. The resulting 3-dimensional array of (virtual) pixels is written to a file.


You will need a file distorpol.vic to describe the distortion of the detector. This file can be created using the program view:
view read imagename save distorpol = exit
If a file detalign.inp exists, it will be used by img2r


alphabetical commandlist

Input/Output files

Input Files

images, for example s01f0001 s01f002...

Output files


from images to density map
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