Input files for Eval14
Interactive or Batch


Eval14 is an integration method for single crystal X-ray diffraction on area detectors. It differs in many aspects from current approaches. Rather than using so-called profile fitting for the integration, eval14 uses the very powerful outline prediction method based on knowledge about the exact experimental setup. The eval14 methods are described in
A.J.M. Duisenberg, L.M.J. Kroon-Batenburg and A.M.M. Schreurs
An intensity evaluation method: EVAL-14
J. Appl. Cryst. 36, (2003) 220-229.

Input files

Reflection data must be supplied in boxfiles, which also contain information about the experimental setup. Crystal description (and some experimental information) and program control parameters are read from the file xtal.evc or interactively supplied by the user.


By typing help at the Eval14 prompt, netscape is started to display this documentation.

Interactive of Batch

For interactive mode, you start the program with eval14.
You will be prompted for a boxfilename, and if xtal.evc does not exist you will be prompted for the crystal description and program control parameters. Then you may browse through the boxfiles, change parameters and create a new xtal.evc file.

For batch mode you start the program with eval14 batch boxfilename [xtalevcfile].
You must specify the boxfilename. The program will run through all the reflections in the boxfile and will create .y files. In Batch mode you may also specify the xtal.evc filename on the commandline.


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