EVAL alphabetical overview

Name Description
2mosaic setup two almost overlapping lattices into one lattice and a double mosaic description
2view compare 2 rmat files. Syntax: 2view xxx.rmat yyy.rmat
anafcf read fcf file, and create various analysis plots.
any read reflection files from EVAL14 and EVAL15. Statistics, reflection filters, create pk and reflection files.
builddatcol create scripts to build boxfiles
buildeval15 create initial scripts with parameters for EVAL15
buildimagemerge create script to merge (fine-sliced) images
buildrest create scripts for search of peaks not-fitting an already found lattice.
buildscc extract scan information of image headers. To be used by scanplot.
buildsearch create scripts for peak search.
cell print/modify rmatfile
cnt2ccp4 convert cnt file to CCP4 map
dirax find unit cell from a set of peaks.
eval14all run EVAL14 for all .shoe files. Creates final.y(.gz)
eval14 EVAL14 integration program.
eval15all run EVAL15 for all .shoe files. Creates final.y(.gz)
eval15 EVAL15 integration program.
extractshoe extract a subset of reflections from boxfiles
imagesum various image tools.
img2r merge images into cnt file.
loglog compare two reflection files
low3 create low-image
many GUI for any
mbuildeval15 GUI for buildeval15
mdirax GUI for dirax
mergedirax merge various drx files into one drx file
mergey merge various .y-files into one big .y-file
meval14 GUI to create and tune xtal.evc file for integration with EVAL14
meval15 GUI for eval15
mpeakref GUI for peakref
mproteinsetup GUI for proteinsetup
queueclean cleanup after batch processing of eval15
queuesetup setup batch processing of eval15
queuestart submit batch jobs for eval15
queuewait monitor batch jobs for eval15
mrenameimages GUI for renameimages
mview GUI for view
peakref refine cell- and experimental parameters
proteinsetup set initial scripts with protein defaults
renameimages rename image names into systematical names
rmat2pdb convert rmatfile to pdb
rmatrix cell reduction program
rmatrix xxx.rmat [axcrit=0.3] [write=yyy.rmat]
sadabs scaling program
scancheck create table with image information per scan
scanplot draws an animation of goniostat and detector movements.
splitimages split one scan into two scans.
tunebeamstop gui (on top of view) to build beamstop.vic
view general image viewer. Capable of peak search and boxfile creation.

Context overview
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