loglog is a program to compare two reflection files. The program creates scatterplots for corresponding reflections in both sets.

How it works

  1. You specify two reflection files. Various formats are possible:
  2. Both reflection files are read. Within each file, reflections with the same indices are merged. Refections with negative Intensity and/or negative Sigma are ignored.
  3. A (common) set of reflections is created, containing only reflections with matching indices in both reflections files. If no scale factor is specified (command line argument --scale), a scale factor is calculated based on the sum of both intensities of the reflections in the common set.
  4. Two R's are calculated
  5. You specify which variable will be plotted in the scatterdiagram:


loglog [-v] [-d] [-c a b c alpha beta gamma] [-d dotsize] [-s scale] [-m mode] [-n nbins] [-w wavelength] hklfile1 hklfile2
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