During the collection of a set of images, more or less terrible things can happen. A simple refill of the xray source, the suspension of the datacollection for some time. The program scancheck helps to locate these special moments. You may then decide to split one scan into two new scans. splitimages is a small program to rename the images.

How it works

  1. You specify the scan in which split has to occur.
  2. You specify the split by entering the frame number.
  3. The frames after the split are renamed. The scannumber is incremented by 1, and the frames start with number 1.
  4. The old and new filenames are written to splitimages.log


splitimages wildimages splitnr
Note, you have to escape the * if you specify wildimages on the commandline.

Input/Output files

Input Files


Output files



Suppose we have a set of images s01f0001.mar2300, s01f0002.mar2300 ... s01f0066.mar2300. And we want to split this set after frame 20.
*.mar2300* --> s01f0001.mar2300
split at frame nr 20
Created splitimages.log

The old and new names are stored in splitimages.log.
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