low3 is a program which reads a set of images, and creates a so-called low image. Every pixel in this image contains the lowest-2 value of the corresponding pixel in all the frames.
The low image can be examined (using view) but can also be subtracted from individual images to enhance the peak search procedure.

How it works

  1. low3 reads the images, and of every pixel stores the lowest 3 values. Images of type *low.*, *home.* or *drk.* are ignored.
  2. A low image will be created.
  3. A home image will be created. The pixel values in this image are the frame numbers of the images used to set the value in the low image.


low3 wildimages yes/no
Note, you have to escape the * in wildimages on the commandline.

Input/Output files

Input Files

images, for example s01f0001 s01f002...

Output files

for each scan: scanlow scanhome


ls *.mar2300
s01f0001.mar2300  s01f0012.mar2300  s02f0004.mar2300  s02f0015.mar2300  s02f0026.mar2300  s02f0037.mar2300
s01f0002.mar2300  s01f0013.mar2300  s02f0005.mar2300  s02f0016.mar2300  s02f0027.mar2300  s02f0038.mar2300
s01f0003.mar2300  s01f0014.mar2300  s02f0006.mar2300  s02f0017.mar2300  s02f0028.mar2300  s02f0039.mar2300
s01f0004.mar2300  s01f0015.mar2300  s02f0007.mar2300  s02f0018.mar2300  s02f0029.mar2300  s02f0040.mar2300
s01f0005.mar2300  s01f0016.mar2300  s02f0008.mar2300  s02f0019.mar2300  s02f0030.mar2300  s02f0041.mar2300
s01f0006.mar2300  s01f0017.mar2300  s02f0009.mar2300  s02f0020.mar2300  s02f0031.mar2300  s02f0042.mar2300
s01f0007.mar2300  s01f0018.mar2300  s02f0010.mar2300  s02f0021.mar2300  s02f0032.mar2300  s02f0043.mar2300
s01f0008.mar2300  s01f0019.mar2300  s02f0011.mar2300  s02f0022.mar2300  s02f0033.mar2300  s02f0044.mar2300
s01f0009.mar2300  s02f0001.mar2300  s02f0012.mar2300  s02f0023.mar2300  s02f0034.mar2300  s02f0045.mar2300
s01f0010.mar2300  s02f0002.mar2300  s02f0013.mar2300  s02f0024.mar2300  s02f0035.mar2300  s02f0046.mar2300
s01f0011.mar2300  s02f0003.mar2300  s02f0014.mar2300  s02f0025.mar2300  s02f0036.mar2300  s02f0047.mar2300

low3mar started on fagot at 31-Aug-2007 16:34:02
images [*.mar2300] *.mar2300
Different files for different scans [Y] Y
using 66 *.mar2300 files
from s01f0001. to s01f0019 Image written to s01flow.mar2300. Image written to s01fhome.mar2300.
new scanname
from s02f0001.... to s02f0047 Image written to s02flow.mar2300. Image written to s02fhome.mar2300.
low3mar ended at 31-Aug-2007 16:34:40 CPU time used 00:00:35

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