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Version History

Oct 10 1995 Idea to make the program based on a discussion with Albert Duisenberg about the algorithm.
Nov 1995 Creation of a BASIC program by Albert Duisenberg and a FORTRAN program by Raimond Ravelli.
Jan 8 1996 The program gives a Postscript picture and a list of possible starting spindles for efficient datacollection starting from one frame that was indexed using DENZO. A mosaicity of 0.0 is assumed and overlaps are not recognized.
Jan 10 1996 First version of the manual.
Jan 23 1996 Manual converted to LaTeX, html pages made by LaTeX2HTML.
Jan 25 1996 Program will produce a new list of possible starting psi's and oscillation ranges. One can influence the calculation of the local minima using the command NAVErage.
Feb 19 1996 Command ALREady MEASured implemented.
May 13 1996 Commands COMPLeteness and ANOMalous added.
June 4 1996 Command RESOlution implemented.
June 18 1996 Commands LEAPfrog and ORIEntation added.
July 28 1996 Bug theta offset fixed. Command TURBo" added.
Aug 10 1996 Default setting rhombohedral space groups changed to the hexagonal setting.
Oct 6 1996 Detector FORMAT CCDBRANDEIS added.
Jan 15 1996 Detector FORMAT ESRFCCD added.
Jan 22 1997 Detector FORMAT RAXIS-II added.
May 4 1997 Detector FORMAT FUJI added.
May 11 1997 Detector FORMAT RAXVERTICAL added.
May 11 1997 Bug for high values of theta (>90) fixed.
Jun 20 1997 Bug fixed in spacegroups: laue-group P3bar changed.

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