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Strategy: A Program for the Determination of the Optimal Starting Spindle Angle in X-Ray Crystallography Data-Collection

Raimond B.G. Ravelli
Crystal and Structural Chemistry
Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research
Utrecht University
Padualaan 8, 3584 CH Utrecht, The Netherlands


STRATEGY is a program for the determination of the optimal starting spindle angle in X-ray data collection on crystals of macromolecular compounds using a 1-circle diffractometer with a 2D-detector. The program reads the starting crystal orientation and cell parameters from a DENZO intensities x-file and simulates all the reflections that can occur during a 360 degrees rotation of the crystal. It determines whether the reflections can be recorded on the detector, sorts them, gives pictures of the needed oscillation range as a function of the starting spindle angle for different degrees of completeness of the dataset wanted, and produces redundancy tables for the shortest data collection possible for each desired completeness. Neither mosaicity nor overlaps are taken into account.

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