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The DIP2000 detector


The DIP2000 detector has a raster size of 80 by 80 m and 2500 by 2500 pixels: the radius of the detector is 100 mm. If the spindle axis is coming from the left (seen from the direction of the direct beam), one should use a film rotation 90.0 in DENZO.

Let be the coordinates x beam y beam of the direct beam position in millimeters on the image plate. If there is no misorientation of the image plate ( cassette rotx roty rotz all equal to zero), then the relations between the pixel coordinates written to the new x-file and the STRATEGY laboratory axes are given by:

The display program that is part of the DENZO package, XDISPLAYF, will display the image in the coordinate system with the origin in the upper left corner of the image and the axis horizontal. The pixel coordinates one gets when one clicks on an arbitrary position of the image are related to the coordinates according to:

STRATEGY can deal with misorientations of the detector, but does not correct for any radial offset or angular offset.

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