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Strategy is a program to aid in data collection strategy. You can run it after indexing the first frame using DENZO. Given the space group, it determines the spindle angle to start the data collection at. Strategy has been written by Raimond Ravelli (Bijvoetcentrum, Utrecht). John Skinner (Brookhaven National Laboratory) has written a Graphical User Interface to reduce the use of strategy to 2-button-step process.

An SGI executable of the program can be obtained by anonymous ftp from
Please mail any comments and/or questions concerning strategy to Raimond Ravelli (



To run the program:



The program is available free to academics and provided on the understanding that the author and his University are in no way liable for any consequences of errors in the programs or their documentation. Do you like the program? -> please refer to the following article:

J. Appl. Cryst. (1997). 30 p. 551-554
STRATEGY: a program to optimize the starting spindle angle and scan range for X-ray data collection
R. B. G. Ravelli, R. M. Sweet, J. M. Skinner, A. J. M. Duisenberg and J. Kroon

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